“Victoria is a fine lawyer with morals, principles and knowledge. Victoria is a colleague who I frequently see in court. She is highly qualified and knowledgeable and is a very effective advocate for her clients. Victoria was very effective in representing her client. She is highly skilled and fluent in at least two languages. She is compassionate and very caring of her clients.

Legal Knowledge: Excellent. She has a high level of legal knowledge. I have seen her in bankruptcy court, and she is a highly skilled advocate.”

Legal Analysis: Excellent. She understands the law and can easily apply the law to the facts of her case. 

Communication Skills: Excellent. Speaking two languages (Spanish and English) makes her a highly skilled advocate for her many clients. 

Ethics and Professionalism: Excellent. She is highly professional in her temperament with the court and opposing counsel and understands the ethical obligations of a lawyer.

Stuart A. Young, Esq. Reviewed in Justia.Lawyers.Com September 1, 2020


“We hired Mrs. Victoria Morales as our legal counsel on a very serious legal matter. She patiently explained to us the procedures involving our case and diligently represented us during the whole process. We are very satisfied with her performance and the outcome her legal counseling produced; we strongly recommend Attorney Victoria Morales for a professional and most honest legal representation a lawyer may provide in south Florida. Thank you Victoria for your professionalism and commitment.

Jose M. Marquina Foreverpools LLC Managing Director. www.foreverpools.com October 2, 2020


“Victoria saved our home after five years and several attorneys, she was the only one that achieved a positive result.”

Anthony Fenoy, on FAttorney.com. April 12, 2016


“Then came Victoria and pim – pum – pam! and the Judge said, “Yes, she’s right”, and she got it for me. I got all the surplus funds. The lawyer for the bank was very upset.”

Dennis Grubb, Fort Lauderdale, 3-22-2013


“If anyone could get what we wanted it’s Victoria. She cares, and she pushes all the way, she doesn’t stop.”

Dolores Negron-Lewin, Miami, 7-15-2014

“Victoria, I had such an amazing experience working with you and look forward to working with you again in the near future! And I will refer you every time I hear someone looking for your services.

“I was seeking legal services because I got myself into a financial situation that I was unable to manage and wanted to find out what my options were.

“I received a stack of letters from lawyers who wanted me as a client. Victoria was the first and last person I called. I chose Victoria because I resonated with the letter she wrote, something just stuck out, it was more personable and less sale-sy. I could feel that she cared and that she was going to take the time to educate me and make sure I understood all of my options before making any decisions and that was very important to me.

“The two most significant accomplishments that have resulted from working with Victoria’s office? First, the peace of mind that all the loose ends were taken care of so I could concentrate on looking for employment without being contacted by creditors multiple times daily. And the second is that the filing to the courts and communication with the creditors was all taken care of in a timely manner. The outcome is that I had enough time to secure employment, which means, I did not end up filing bankruptcy but instead am able to make payment arrangements with the creditors and in the next 12 to 18 months I should have it all paid off.

“Working with Victoria helped make a very unpleasant situation not so bad. Victoria did not judge me or make me feel bad about myself because of my situation. We took one day at a time and had a plan and when events changed, we changed the plan accordingly and we never stopped questioning the plan so we were sure we were thinking of every angle and making decisions that were smart. Victoria worked with me to find the best solution and she did not ever push me into making any hasty decisions. I felt like she was working with me, not for me.

“If you are at a time in your life when you are feeling the lowest, then it is so important to work with someone who will make you see the light at the end of the tunnel and not have you in an overwhelmed state, but rather, have you in a state where you can take action and work toward creating the best possible outcome, one that is going to support your financial situation in the future and not just one that will benefit you in the short-term. If you are looking for someone to look out for your best interest then Victoria must absolutely be your first and only choice.”

C.M., Fort Lauderdale, June 2016